Preventative Coping Skills for Anxiety

Many of our clients come to us wanting to find better ways to cope with their anxiety and anxiousness. Coping skills can be great intervention but even better if they are used for prevention. Here are 5 ways to prevent anxiety and anxiousness…

Have a solid morning routine that allows enough time to get ready for the day and utilize self care. This may include a relaxing shower, a morning walk, sitting and enjoying your coffee, etc. Be sure to look at the sun as early as possible (even better if it is not though a window but actually outside).
Cycle your cortisol off every 2 to 2.5 hours. Our cortisol should be highest in the morning and lowest in the evening. We also want to cycle this by building in breaks. When we are working on any task completion, our cortisol is on. The most proven ways to turn cortisol off are deep breathing and being in nature. I recommend for my clients to take a breathing break every two hours where they leave their desk, go outside, and breathe. Similar to a smoke break without the smoking! Also, be sure not to eat lunch at your desk while you continue working. Our bodies need to be in a relaxed state to digest.
Have good work/off work boundaries. When work is done, try to have time for yourself. Many of my clients have very high stress, demanding jobs and they have to be available in the evening. I recommend having some boundaries where you disconnect from work and do something for yourself. Even if that is only a 5 minute meditation. Be intentional about this break.
In the evening, limit bright lights, blue light, etc at least one hour before bed. This will help your melatonin start releasing naturally and improve you quality of sleep which will reduce anxiety. Sleep is the foundation of health and wellness. Here are my favorite blue light blocking glasses for the evening.
Lastly, Protect your Peace! Have good boundaries and self care built in to everyday. Reduce toxicity in life by reducing unhealthy chemicals and relationships. Use your home as a sanctuary where you detox and relax.

I hope this helps prevent anxiousness in your life. Remember self care doesn’t have to be about the hours you put in, it can be about the minutes instead. We can all find time if we can be intentional.

If you have questions or want to get an appointment with a therapist at our office to help reduce anxiety and increase preventative coping, give us a call at 214-444-3649.

Be well,
Katie Nix

Preventative Coping Skills for Anxiety in Dallas