Counseling in Plano

About the Location:

  • Our office in Plano, TX is located on Teakwood Lane just southwest of the intersection of Custer and Parker. This office offers convenient parking with customer parking around the building and provides a comfortable, family friendly environment that is comforting and confidential.

Specialties in Plano:

  • Our Plano office specializes in working with children, teens and young adults on a variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, managing difficult life transitions, social skills, relationships, LGBTQ+ affirming care,┬ánutritional therapy, and more.

Team Members in Plano:

  • Katie Nix, Kylie Henry, Amanda Hinchey, Mindy Bell, Sarah Penoli and Leanne Foell are available at this location and offer play therapy, individual therapy, adolescent therapy, couples counseling, walk and talk therapy, and life coaching.
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